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A township in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It is a suburb of New York City. To many people, Holmdel is considered to be a haven near "the top of the pyramid" for the upper middle class. Many families in Holmdel neighbor elite status compared to the rest of America. Keep in mind there are a few working class families in Holmdel as well.

If you can make enough money to maintain a home between Bethany Road, The train tracks, Laurel avenue, Middletown Road, Crawfords Corner, 520, Rt. 34, and Line Road you can expect much privacy and beautiful landscapes.

The school systems are overrated. It is better to send your kids to a private school.

Many children grow up complacent because there family's are so well off. Then, the school system ignores many children and only students who are gifted in some extraordinary way get the attention. Instead of developing each student to work hard and realize their full potential, they ignore kids and let them fail. When these children get into middle school and high school they meet drug dealers and get in trouble with the law. The school system has no idea how to help these cases, and because of this, the town will face some adversity in the near future.

Law Enforcement in Holmdel is in abundance. It is difficult to go more than a day without seeing a police car. Many police officers are confrontational and aggressive. Others are very helpful.
Holmdel has its share of problems, but if you can sustain a home in Holmdel it could be beneficial.
by holmdelkid1188 April 04, 2011

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