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A big, ugly, gross, nasty nigger.
Heidi and Seal. He is the perfect example of a Big Black Monkey Ape.
by Holly Palmer January 18, 2008
When all you can see is the head of the dick and balls.
When Russell went to have his stint pulled out of his kidneys, his dick was up in his throat. It looked like a grub worm wearing a turtle neck. That is a little dick.
by Holly Palmer January 18, 2008
Pillows and blankets that are used to divided the middle of the bed.
When Holly wakes up and is going to play midnight bandit with Russell....she can't get to him because he has put all the pillows and blankets between them to keep the cold air from the fan off of him. That is what we call the Great Wall of Benton.
by Holly Palmer January 18, 2008
Something women want to have done by a HOT Doctor.
When I went to have my ears checked out by a new Doctor, he walks in the room and I suddenly forget my ear problems and I told him I needed a Manogram. Could you help??????
by Holly Palmer January 19, 2008
When someone eats Red Lobster and burps 5 hours later.
Holly and Russell went to eat at Red Lobster and Russell ate shrimp scampi. Five hours later he burps and all Holly could smell was garlic. Thats a garlic burp.
by Holly Palmer January 18, 2008
Something a gay guy sleeps in.
When Scott (who is 38 and drives a barnasor) has to call his mom to know if she has hemmed his jammy bottoms. He must be gay.
by Holly Palmer January 18, 2008
A purple Monte Carlo.
When your fiance Scott shows up with a new car (for him) without telling you and it is Barney Purple. GAY ASS PURPLE....He must be gay driving that piece of shit. But he refers to himself as Mr.SS. Does that mean Mr. Stupid Shit? I guess that's why he is now an ex. Barnasor..Gay assed purple Monte Carlo.
by Holly Palmer January 16, 2008

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