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86 definitions by holly

Emoticon/Smiley face,
n/u = :
_ = )

The more underlining there is, the more happier, or sadder (hence u_u) you are.

Similar to :( and v_v
I just found my brother raping my cat u______u

I failed my biology A level u_u

You make me happy n___n
by Holly March 24, 2008
the best band in the whole world because fo' shizzle my nizzle
by holly November 28, 2004
another way of saying "and the answer is...."
(from the game show Family Feud, where the host in the final round would shout "survey says!" to the board, to reveal how many people came back with the same answer to the question).
when looking something up on Google, some people have a tendency to utter the words "survey says" when the results appear on the screen....what noobs!
by holly February 12, 2005
being in a situation, especially one of a social nature, that is difficult and seemingly impossible to get out of.
Holly: "Damn, this party is lame. I so wanna leave here like right now, but I don't wanna be rude to Kristin either, she's still a great friend. Ugghhhh.... I just KNEW we should have planned an exit strategy, huh?"

Jenn: "For sure, especially since the bash that Terri's having would be WAY more off the chimney no doubt. It sure sucks to be land-locked like this!"
by Holly August 14, 2006
an affectionate way of how someone might refer to their "significant other", usually in the presence of that person and others.
"I'm a vegan...but THIS one here loves his sirloin!"
by Holly August 26, 2005
liquid human waste (urination) - aka pee

- opposite of thickie (shit)
"Where's the bathroom? I need to have a thinnie before I explode!"
by Holly December 05, 2007
One BEAST of a song!
Everything si great! And I will cry when i hear it live <33

Foo Fighters

The Colour and the shape
by Holly April 11, 2005