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Liam Payne.
Liam Payne doesn't need an example because he is Liam Payne, and Liam Payne is perfection.
by hollaback girl July 30, 2012
A male who carries a "manbag." This manbag is in fact a purse in hiding. This someone is so inherently homosexual that their gestures, movement and speech imply their sexual orientation. This male however, will deny all accusations of their homosexuality and will often tell you to "shut the fuck up."
Look out.
"Oh my god! He is suuuuch a fagbag."
"That fag bag is almost too gay to function!"
by Hollaback girl May 02, 2005
A pop singer that everyone trashes because they are scared to admit that they dance and sing to her music in the shower and in the car quite often. A tell-tale sign of a true Britney closet fan is constant bad mouthing and insult towards her.
"Those sophomore bitches are so indie, they say they hate Britney Spears but they love her more than most."
"Stop faking it. You all love Britney but are scared to admit it for fear of rejection."
by Hollaback girl May 15, 2005

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