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Word used to describe the hottest/sexiest guy around. Gets laid atleast 10 times a week and never looks back.
Wow I want to be a Fleener.
by Holla March 27, 2005
some1 so much of a douchebag they are a FUCKING DOUCHEBAG
hes douchelicous
by holla March 16, 2003
A group of six high school students from Bethesda, MD. They encompass a variety of stereotypical high school personas. There is a lady's man or player, a football captain, the quarterback, a lazy guy, intelligent guy, and artistic guy. All members of Walt Whitman's football team. Their name is derived from the local elementary school Burning Tree, formerly attended by three of the members. Known to be aggressive and violent. Often proprietars of illegal substances.
BT started a fight with a bunch of Landon kids because they showed up to a Whitman party.
by Holla October 28, 2004
the greatest alchoholic drink known to man
nishant and his boys like to get bent to 151
by HOLLA March 25, 2003
The shit college. Only hotties like Sara and Eric can go there. FUck yah Ferris
I got fucked by a hot bitch at Ferris State University last weekend.
by Holla April 08, 2005
chillest and illest club at the peddie school......
fruit salad, yummy, yummy!
by holla November 30, 2003

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