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1)Has the best body ever
2)2 words:Tits & Ass
I wanted to see the hottest woman ever so I went to www.vidaguerra.com
by Holden December 07, 2004
Amazing writer and journalist. Famous books include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,Rum Diary, and Hell's Angels. He passed February 21, 2005 from suicide
The death of Hunter Thompson was a sad day for the world of journalism
by Holden February 23, 2005
usually to describe dreads here... meaning, roughly, good.
knatty dreads, mike!
by Holden November 14, 2004
another name for joseph or james liu
look at buffguy's biceps...they're like concrete.
by holden July 15, 2003
Gets me a huge wet one
Everytime I see that torn open asshole, I get all fuzzy inside
by Holden December 07, 2004
modernized ninjas.
holden is a motherfucking urban ninja yo
by holden March 06, 2004

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