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(Eugene, Oregon:) The land of filthy hippies, hobos and rain. Tied for first place with humbolt county as best marijuana grow spot in the U.S.A.
(in Futurama: after Bender steps onto the planet of bums) oh ive been here before! oh no . .im just thinking of Eugene, Oregon..

(In The Simpsons: after lisa, carl and lenny, respectivly playing the parts of sacagewea, lewis and clark, stare out over the Pacific)
Lisa: It's beautiful!!! (cue torrential downpour)
Lenny: and we'll call it, Eugene, Oregon!

(on the eastcoast of the U.S :) where the fuck is Yew-jean Ory-gon??

(In Amsterdam:) Aww man, your from Eugene, Oregon? killer product man. .
by hoesnotshmoes January 06, 2011
When, with the purposeful intent of leaving heirs in foreign countries; a man misleads a native lass to sex on the beach, near-climax, he rips of the condom, ejaculates while simultaneously heaving sand in her eyes and disappearing into the night.
leave country immediately.
yeap, ive got me nigh on, 30, 40 children by my sand bagged brides
by hoesnotshmoes October 13, 2010
L.O.M. - Lecherous Old Man

That guy who sexually takes advantage of individuals below the age of 18, when he's above it.
That son of a bitch L.O.M. is prowling the high schools again. Best round up the possy

Historical reference: "Thats what I love about high school girls, i get older, they stay the same age heheheh."
by hoesnotshmoes January 05, 2011
When a person, eases their head downward unto the brink of sleep and quickly snaps awake. Generally result of trying to be the last to fall asleep among group of friends.
Hailey had a dip of death, and when she sprang awake, she spilled her drink everywhere.
by hoesnotshmoes January 31, 2011

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