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1 definition by hockeyfan1


Usually what every young Canadian aspires to be. Probably the toughest and most physical athletes around. They take every hit like a man, get their asses back up and continue the shift (or demolish that motherfucker)
Hours of sweat, skating, practice, bonecrushing hits, broken teeth, blood, ice, sticks, pucks, punches and goals- they love every damn second of it. The bruises and scars are the physical badges of what hockey is all about.

Dedicated to not only the physical prowess of the game, but also the skillful presence and crafty strategies of the sport. Character is what they live by.

Probably the most masculine yet humble of athletes and have the hottest bodies ever. Scores both on and off the ice.
Example 1: *Hockey player gets hit and is thrown among the shattering glass*
Hockey Player: Eh whatever... *gets back up and continues the shift*

Example 2: Lecavalier...coming in...dekes.. backhand...he SSCCOORESS! OOOH WHAT A GOAL BY VINCENT LECAVALIER!

Example 3: Sheryl: When I grow up, I want to marry a hockey player, have their babies and make them become hockey players!
by hockeyfan1 July 10, 2008
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