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being really funny when it shouldn't be. or being really sucky when it shoudn't be.
Everybody was having a good time, then that crazy dude walked in... it was sooo chamby!!
by hockessin April 08, 2013
Similar to how dogs tag a tree or fire hydrant....

in humans, it's an act of vandalism where someone (primarily males) will urinate all over a bathroom.
Doorknob, sink, toilet, paper products... EVERYTHING!!! And it's super gross, bc the staff of the establishment has to clean it up.
That dude was so pissed he didn't get a discount on his nachos that he tried tagging the bathroom.... there's piss everywhere!
by hockessin April 08, 2013
A crazy girl.

or the state of being a crazy girl.
I thought she was totally normal, but became a total craygur after we started dating.

Don't talk with her, she's craygur.
by hockessin April 08, 2013
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