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An adjective that refers to the decrepit, dirty, or poorly put together physical appearance of on object or person. Often used in conjunction with "kind of"

Sorry, my car is kind of hobolicious. (when said referring to a dirty, old, falling apart car.)

Does anyone have hair brush? My hair is kind of hobolicious right now. (when the aforementioned hair is tangled and or dirty.)
by hobogirl923 March 18, 2007
Noun; holes to insert one's thumbs through near the end of the sleeves of a long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt. Can be either created in the manufacturing process, gradually by the wearer, or purposefully with scissors by the wearer.
Stupid sleeves are too short to make hobo holes! Now my hands will be cold!
by hobogirl923 March 18, 2007
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