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12 definitions by hoboace

One on a message board who takes care of trolls by reporting them, getting large numbers of users to block them, or humiliating them. There are troll killers who rise to the occasion as needed and there are troll killers who simply do it for fun.
That guy just BRUNED the troll, he's such a troll killer.
by hoboace September 24, 2007
1) When your manhood has come into question, and you challenge the question-er to prove your manliness

2) Any time a person's manliness is said to be insufficient

3) A competion
1) person a- Jim is lucky he's not in a coma! He drank over half a case of beer last night.
person b- What?! Why?
person a- Man Challenge

2) person a- No, it's okay, just carry two, we all know you're a little...
person b- Are you challenging my manhood?

3) Ladies can have Man Challenges too, despite their name, Man Challenges don't see gender.
by hoboace December 27, 2007
The extra leg hair (typically found on males) found beneath the knee that is thicker and sometimes darker than the rest of the leg hair. Knee-beards do not extend into the shin or move up from the top of the knee.
Dude, I just used conditioner on my knee-beard.
by hoboace February 16, 2008
Only state in the union that's more satisfied with itself than Texas, Virginia, and all of the New England States combined.
person A: I'm from California, LOVE ME!!!!
person B: Why are you patting yourself on the back?
by hoboace November 13, 2007
Abbreviation of "Still don't know." Used as a second IDK ("I Don't Know")
Eric: What's your favorite toothpaste?
Steven: IDK
Eric: What's your favorite motor oil?
Steven: SDK
by hoboace January 16, 2008