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Q. What is the most foul-smelling animal on your planet?
A. A skunk.
Q. Does a skunk defecate?
A. Yes.
Q. And does the skunk's defecation in turn produce its own excrement?
A. Ew, no.
Q. Then there is no equivalent for shisno in your language.

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
You are.
You are, who?
You are a dirty dirty shisno. Ha Ha Ha.
by hobnob April 09, 2005
To attack another person with your penis, generally in a humourous manner.
I cock punched her in the face.
by hobnob August 11, 2003
Smacking one's penis off one's girlfriend's body.
I'm gonna mushroom smack you, you fag!
by hobnob August 11, 2003
The Danish word for a girl with a "sweet ass"
Elisha Cuthbert has a shugarböm... it has got to be THE sweetest ass I've seen in my life!
by hobnob September 29, 2004
When one installs their penis into their FreeBSD machine's floppy, CD-ROM/-RW, DVD-ROM/-RW drive in order to receive pleasure. In some cases, this may cause damage to one's machine.
I "cockinstall"ed The GIMP twice last night. Hoo-FUCKING-rah for me.
by HoBnOb December 08, 2002
enossel does this for a living
Hi my name on IRC is enossel. You know why? 'Cause i SUCJ.
by hobnob July 24, 2004
Similar to the shocker, the punisher involves 1 in the pink and TWO in the stink
Her poop chute is getting kinda loose, so I had to switch it up and throw the punisher!
by hobnob February 14, 2005

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