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Ahhh .. New Jersey .. you just gotta love it. I grew up in South Jersey .. where the typical Friday & Saturday night parties started in a peach orchard and ended in a diner. If there was nothing left to do .. we'd drive down the shore knowing that there was definitely something to occupy us there. Then drive back in the middle of the night dodging the deer on 55 or Delsea Drive. Us South Jersians never drove on the expressway or parkway .. it was either 55 or Delsea. If you're from South Jersey, you know what Heritages is .. and you know what 1/2 price hoagie day was. You know that 15 years ago it was safe to be in Camden during the day .. but NOT at night .. now you know that it's not safe to be in Camden period. You most likely sat in a classroom before summer vacation .. with the windows open and the warm fresh smell of horse maneur lurking in the room. You know about the NJ devil and you often thought about him while peeing in the woods at night .. c'mon .. you know you did! You know that Cheese Whiz on a cheesesteak is totally UNACCEPTABLE .. it's either american cheese or provolone. We say Woo-der .. not Waa-der. We also say Raa-diatior .. not Ray-diator. We also say Crick .. not Creek (Mantua Crick). Yo is a great attention getter ... and yous guys is our trademark. You can take me outta NJ .. but you can't take the NJ outta me!
Outta Staters in a Circle: "oh my god, how do you drive around one of these? I guess I'll just slam on my brakes and wait here until all these cars are done flying by me"

Jersian in the Cirlce behind the Outta Staters: "You fuckin incompetant shit! Just fuckin go! You don't stop in a circle you fuckhead!"
by hoagie_girl July 12, 2005

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