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1.) Massachusetts Congressman and chairman of the House Financial Services committee.

2.) Miserable cocksucker who never takes responsibility for anything that goes wrong, even though he was supposed to be in charge of the oversight for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

3.) A guy whose speech is fucking impossibly hard to understand.
Dude#1: Did you hear that Barney Frank is all up on the auto industry's dick about this bailout?
Dude#2: I heard him on TV but I couldn't understand a fucking word he said.
by hnic17 December 06, 2008
An unqualified employee who was hired to appease rich white liberal guilt and people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Reduces fair competition and as a result makes industry less efficient.
Note: The meaning of "diversity" has been limited to color of skin in recent years, not diversity of ideas.
Q: What the fuck's her problem?
A: You didn't know? She's a fuckin diversity hire! The boss said we needed to cut down on our excess whiteness.
Q: That doesn't make any sense.
A: No shit.
by hnic17 December 08, 2007
A variation on the "burqa," which is a full body conservative Islamic dress for women who want to hide all their features while outdoors. The burqini is a full body swimsuit which disguises the curves of a woman (especially at the hips and thighs), and also covers the head, but leaves the face exposed. It allows Islamic women to swim a little freer than having the full burqa on in the water.
Guy #1: You've never seen a woman in a burqini?

Guy #2: That doesn't even exist. It's got to be a joke.

Guy #1: I'm super-serial! Google image search that shit man. FER SRS.

Guy #2: <click click click> Jesus Christ! I stand corrected. Why the FUCK would people do that to their women?
by hnic17 August 12, 2009
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