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being defeated in an online video game (such as Halo Reach) while being relentlessly mocked by viral gaming character hngryGenghis.
Oh, man, hngryGenghis killed me with a leaping headshot and then made fun of me in the gaming lobby afterward. I had been totally Khanquered.
by hngryGenghis September 14, 2010
Completing mindless, repetitive tasks in the early stages of World Of Warcraft gameplay (such as killing numerous Troggs) in order to complete quest orders, earn currency and level up your character.
I started a new character last night and was doing mindless trogging until 6am so I could buy him some better armor and weapons.
by hngryGenghis October 11, 2010
Having an enemy attach a plasma grenade to your face during deathwatch play in any of the XBox Halo game series.
I was right in the middle of a kill streak that abruptly ended with a case of PGFS (Plasma Grenade Face Syndrome) courteous of hgnryGenghis and his plasma grenade.
by hngryGenghis September 27, 2010
What happens when viral web sensation (and time traveling Mongolian warlord) hngryGenghis cuts off of his opponent's after he has beat them at a coin-op, console or PC video game.
I can't hitchhike anymore because I lost two times in a row to hngryGenghis and now I have a severe case of Gamer's Thumb.
by hngryGenghis September 20, 2010
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