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An onomatopoeia, which is, you guessed it, commonly used between two BFFs. It usually occurs when one bff needs/wants to ring the other, and usually texts the other saying 'ring ring?' which in bff language translates to, 'can i ring you?'
Mary: Ring ring bee?
Jen: Ummm maybe later after revision.
Mary: Hmmf. Fine. Nvm. ring ring tomorow instead?
Jen: Well i'm kind of seeing sally tomorow..
Mary: HMMMF.

Mary: Hoy, ring ring?
Jen: Well I need to drop my mom off, then finish my homework, then do some revision, then make tea for my brother, then clean out the fish, then pick my mom up, then go to work, then have a shower...

Jen: Sorry we haven't been able to talk much lately.. but we can ring ring tomorow for a whole hour!
Mary: Really!??YAYBEE:)!
by HmmfCreator June 07, 2009
The word derives from the word 'Yemmen' used to abbreviate the words, 'Yeah man.' Yebbi is typically used between two bffs where one bff already calls the other bee and rather than saying, 'Yemmen' he/she is able to say 'Yebbi' which is a shorter form of the words, 'Yeah Bee.' or 'Yes bee.'
Jen: Do you still want me to call you tonight?
Mary: umm... YEBBI!
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
Carol is a fictional character on the tv show 'Friends.' She is the lesbian ex-wife of Ross, and the life-partner of Susan Bunch. Alternative names include Carol Willick-Geller and Carol Willick-Bunch.

In the pilot episode we find out that she and Ross split up because she is in fact a lesbian. Ross is truly heartbroken over this. Even more troubling, he finds out after the break up that Carol is pregnant with his child and she plans to raise the baby with her new partner Susan. Carol later gives birth to Ross's son, Ben.
Ross Geller: I don't believe this. I miss, I miss the first time of everything. I missed, what, the first time he rolled over, the first time he crawled. What else did I miss? Has he spoken yet, is he driving, does he have a favorite liqueur?

Carol Willick: Actually, he is getting closer on the talking thing. He can't quite say mama yet, but once he said Yemen.

Ross Geller: Ooh, I, I'm so sick of missing stuff. Ya know, I want him for more than, than a day, I want him for a whole weekend. No listen , I mean, I feel like...

Carol Willick, Susan Bunch: Great. That would be fine. Ross Geller: Really? I had a whole speech prepared.

Susan Bunch: (sarcastically) Oh, shoot, that would've been fun.
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
A nickname which originates from the word 'Efflochness' which is another nickname typically used between two bffs. One bff is 'Loch' and the other is 'Ness.'

These types of nicknames share strong similarities with the primary bff nick-names, 'bee' and 'eff.'
Jen: Hey loch!
Mary: Hey ness!
Jen: Do you think our nicknames are starting to get a bit weird?
Mary: Yep.
by HmmfCreator May 28, 2009
A variation of the word 'Hoy'which is commonly used between two BFFs. By adding 'roo' on the end creates a sense of excitement and humor in the coversation. For other people it may create an image of a jumping kangaroo holding a sign which says 'hoy.'
Jen: Hoy
Mary: Hoy
Jen: Hoy
by HmmfCreator June 07, 2009
An abbreviation of the words, 'Yeah man.' Commonly used between friends and co-workers.

Shares strong similarities with the word, 'Yemen' which is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia. Both words are pronounced in the same way, however, possess very different meanings.
Jesse: Your still coming to ralphs tonight?
Dave: Yemmen.

Albert: You can go on your lunch-break now.
Sally: YEMMEN!

Daniel: Watching this episode of 'Friends' really makes me want to move to Yemen.
Ben: yemmen.
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
An alternative way of saying 'Goodbye' or 'Bye'
The opposite of Hoy.
Mary: Hoy!
Jen: Hoy!
Mary: Oh g2g Boy!
Jen: Boy!
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009

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