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10 definitions by hm

someone who is clueless
'what are you, new?!'
by HM December 17, 2003
147 67
noun - a person that has let their dental hygiene slip into a downward spiral creating yellowing of the enamel.
'oh, you're talking about butter tooth, the they guy that can't stop smoking'
by HM December 17, 2003
24 6
When you hear better look out! Someone is bringing the heat, maybe even glen frye.
'come in here with that kinda attitude, and the H is O!'
by HM December 17, 2003
45 41
That smelly Marek, Hes a Turd Burgaler
by hm August 02, 2003
45 42
a "gifted" female with a tendency to drop things and a fascination for cell phones

also see bacpacpularus
by hm September 30, 2003
3 1
A pair of dark, dark, dark denim jeans. Not broken in at all. These jeans were broken in the oldfashioned way...honestly earned.
'he bought those honest earns brand new from Penny's'
by HM December 17, 2003
2 1
Creature that catches prey by ambush, death blow usually dealt by a quick yank from behind.
Beware the bacpacpularus... you are never safe on school pavement.
by hm September 30, 2003
2 3