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Get a life, wake up and smell the coffee, get with the program, get a clue, get out of a rut, live to the fullest.

In reference to the piercing and deep sound of a gong in Gamelan music, q.v.
If you haven't heard it, you haven't lived.
What? You haven't heard the deep tone? Hear the gong, byatch!

You haven't drank Lapsang Souchong in your entire life?
Hear the gong, byatch!
by hiverne November 23, 2006
adjectival noun - A feeling of awesome admiration for someone or something.

verb - To admire someone or something deeply.

verb - To demand respect when it is duly deserved.
1) I frekingspect polar bears!

2) Ya feel frekingspected?

3) Show some frekinspect to yo mama!
by hiverne November 11, 2006
noun - A diagram so insanely stupid that it causes one to vomit profusely.


noun - An idiotic plan hatched by a skemer.
1) "Did you see the fire evacutation skemetic for our school?"

2) Q: "Did you hear about Josh's bizarre skemetic?"
A: "Yeah! What a foo'skemer!"
by hiverne November 11, 2006
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