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Also known as ketamine. It's a mind boggling drug, usually used on horses. Makes you feel like you are unable to control your body and thoughts.

Also a song by Placebo
"Just like special K, you take my breath away!" - Placebo (sorry couldnt think of anything better)
by hitler June 02, 2005
one of the best things you can get for free - young, barely legal girls (usually) wear thin wifebeaters and get drenched in cold, cold water. usually helped with large buckets or hoses.
by hitler July 08, 2003
i had a very large ejaculation once she finished off the bj with a two handed wank.
by hitler July 08, 2003
ssad (s-sad) also S.S.A.D- n.
Origin- SAMS Band Room
1. Same Sex Attraction Dissorder
see also gay lesbian
The people at that bar are ssad.
This song is ssad.
Are you gay or ssad?
by Hitler April 13, 2004
The act of quickly moving your hand on an intercept course with the genitals of a nearby member of the opposite sex. The swift act of aggression is named for it's inspiration, Hitler's "lightning war" on Poland. Here, the hands are the Panzer division, whilst the genitalia are poor, helpless Poland. Poor, poor Polacks.
Holy Shit, man! Your Blitzkreig just went through that emo chick! Don't blitz such frail, frail, frail, crying people in the future! Don't touch the emos!
by Hitler April 01, 2005
The omnipotent ruler of planet Houston.
Kneel before Zod, pathetic infidel.
by Hitler January 18, 2003
An old english term that refers to the amniotic fluid, blood, placenta and aborted fetus that exit a females body after severe lower abdominal or vaginal trauma.
"Donner stop eatting that fwice! What the fuck is wrong with you!?"
by hitler January 20, 2004

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