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7 definitions by hit the hole pole man

Any iraqi or afghani person (really, anybody in the middle east) that are seen by US soldiers.
"You tell that fucking haji that if we get sniped one more fucking time through here, we're gonna level this fucking place!"

"The fucking haji's are real friendly in the day time waving, smiling and shit- but at night they go plant IED/VBIED on the streets"
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
515 213
Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device - basically a car bomb used by the hajis in Iraq because they are cowardly pussies and know they don't stand a chance in a face to face battle. They rig up charges to old artillery rounds (122mm?), C4, or whatever. They can make it blow by using a cell phone to blow it. Or it can be command detonated but they are usually to big of a pussy to do that, too.
"Goddamn Haji has been working late tonight, we found another VBIED on route logroad"

"That VBIED just knocked the dust off that M1 sitting at the checkpoint"
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
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Executive Officer of an army unit. Normally the second in command of a unit as small as a company and as large as a brigade. The XO is responsible for the staff, logistics, maintenance and basically making sure everything runs smooth for the commander. At the company level its usually a 1LT, battalion level a MAJ and brigade a LTC. At higher echelon units, the XO is called the deputy commander or assistant division commander.
"The XO wants all the vehicles squared away before the long weekend"

"You better get your 4187 signed by the commander before he goes on leave otherwise you'll have to play 20 questions with the XO when he is the acting commander"
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
370 349
preventative maintenance checks & services - routine maintenance that the army requires of virtually every piece of equipment in its inventory.
"why do I have to PMCS a vehicle that is deadlined and has been sitting there for a month?"

"the army just about makes you PMCS your cock before you jack off!"
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
18 12
a term for transmission fluid used in army vehicles because its red.
"Hey SGT ______, I need some cherry juice for the humvee"

"This fucking piece of shit is low on cherry juice AGAIN"
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
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liberal democrats who suck the tit of organizations like move on; see hypocrite and/or commie

They are the blame america first crowd of people. That is, if we are attacked, it must be due to something America did to deserve it.

they vote for the war yet are now against it; are for abortion yet against the death penalty; are weak on national security and are more worried about getting gay people in the military then they are about national defense.
"the lefty libs are hypocritical jackasses"

"don't count on the lefty libs to be strong on defense - their answer to the war on terror is to give haji a hug and blame america"
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
33 37
conservative talk show host that exposes liberals or lefty libs for the scary, weak on defense, hypocritical jackasses that they are.

liberals hate him because they cannot match him. the lefty libs make up things about him because he's effective at countering their stupid assertions.

lefty libs try to say that sean hannity cuts them off or wont put them on the air - totally untrue, he actually puts them on the radio first. They just get mad because he makes them look like idiots and doesnt let them spin things.
"lefty libs hate sean hannity because he exposes them as hypocrites"

"its fun to watch sean hannity take on some hardcore liberal because the lib ends up getting mad and walking off the set"
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
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