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North American Marion Brando Look Alikes
- not be confussed with the fucked up child lovers
NAMBLA...oh you mean the other Nambla...those fuckers took our name
by historix January 22, 2005
doing something cool in the eyes of kids from CCDS
Wow...you are so cool...pandabear
by historix January 22, 2005
a redneck or hick that goes to Indian Hill or any uppercrust public school. A guy / girl who lives in the trailer park but tries to fit in.
Justin is just another Uppercrust Bubba.
by Historix December 19, 2003
Negwhite is a person who is white but acts and thinks he/she is black


Negwhite can be a person who is black but acts and thinks he/she is white (very rare)
Ben Lipsky is so Negwhite,that he puts himself down as African-American on the census form.
by historix December 27, 2003

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