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A hipster who takes his Salvation Army shopping way too seriously. A hipster douche will claim to know all about "underground" bands, yet when you ask him to name his favorite song from said band, he'll reply he likes all of them, when really he's just hiding the fact that he doesn't even know the band in the first place. A hipster douche takes everything you love about hipsters and turns it around to give a bad name to hipsters everywhere.
Hipster Douche: Yeah, like, I was listening to Reptar the other day and they're just so chill. I love their music, they know what they're doing.
Real Hipster: What's you're favorite song by them?
Hipster Douche: (pause) Well... I really like all of them, you know?

Real Hipster: Right. Likely story. Nice outfit, by the way (sarcastically)
Hipster Douche: Thanks, man, Salvation Army and Goodwill. I found the shoes in a dumpster, can you believe that?
Real Hipster: Yes, yes I can.
by hipstertruth November 27, 2011
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