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An adjective. Describes a person who rejects mainstream altogether. Usually extraordinarily smart genius's. Constantly checks stocks and always talks about the advanced placement courses he/she is taking. Likes math and science. Usually go by the name of Phoenix if a guy. Deeply interested in politics, they spend their days arguing their beliefs to anyone who's interested. Also like to spend hours on end playing video games in a dark room, including the new hit game "Skyrim", a magical game with dragons. Hipsters tend to be skaters as well, dressing and acting like dumb kids but really being very smart and nerdy on the inside. Don't be fooled when you see one, they aren't dumb at all.
Person 1: "Dude, Phoenix is so smart. He's in calculus, did you know? I would've never guessed, he acts so stupid."
Person 2: "He's a hipster; of course he looks stupid on the outside."
by hipster_lover December 26, 2011

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