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a style of cooking spaghetti which includes adding ketchup, processed cheese, outrageously red hot dog slices and 5 pounds of sugar (for every pound of pasta). it's so wicked, it could survive an atom bomb dropped directly overhead.
Newscaster: Breaking news, North Korea has sent a missile armed with nuclear warhead towards us!

Mom: kiddo, let's go to the bomb shelter now!

Kid: but mom, i'm still eating a filipino spaghetti!

Mom: just leave it there, it will survive, trust me.
by hipro October 16, 2011
the kind of pot of which the kids in the book and movie Bridge to Terabithia are smoking. it is very potent that one smoke of it will transform your surrounding into a wonderful mystical kingdom filled with magical creatures (even if you are in the middle of Times Square)
(while wandering on the forest)

Jess: What is this place?

Leslie: This is TERABITHIAAAAH! a special place for us!

Jess: Are you smoking again?

Leslie: of course dude!...here try it

(Leslie gives the pot to Jess)

Leslie: Smoke it, close your eyes while keeping your mind wide open...

Jess: (smoking) TERABITHIAAAAH! Nothing crushes us!
by hipro October 16, 2011

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