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15 definitions by hippy2981

A tapping of fingers on anything indicating sign of impatience and nervousness.

Also the devil’s tattoo.
The pirate was deep in his thought, doing the devil’s tattoo on the side-arm of his creaky chair.
by hippy2981 November 08, 2006
Short fictive (or otherwise) stories comprising of only 55 words generally put on blogs once a week on a particular day, mostly Friday.
"Hey, did you check my this week's 55 Fiction?"
"Yeah, nice one. I like it."
by hippy2981 March 17, 2006
dishonest, corrupt, deprave, morally base (in Sanskrit and also Marathi).
Girl: Wow! Now mankind is so happy now that you did that (sarcasm).
Guy: Tu tuccha aahes! (You're deprave!)
by hippy2981 January 27, 2007
people of the night. demo = people, nox = night. derived from equi-nox.
we work at night. we're nocturnal animals. we're the DEMONOX!!
by hippy2981 December 28, 2005
Stupid way of saying 'awesome'.
Guy1: Say 'swiss'.
Guy2: sswisssss.
Guy1: No. Say 'swiss'.
Guy2: swisss.
Guy1: Awesome!
Guy2: Ausumn!
by hippy2981 December 01, 2006
An oral sex position "blow-job". Derived from 69 and appearance of the numbers.

Related: Blow Job, Blowjob, BJ, 69.
Gal: I like 69.
Guy: I like 49.
Gal: What's that?
Guy: It's like 69 but non-symbiotic.
Gal: But I want to be on the receiving end!
Guy: Everyone does.
by hippy2981 November 03, 2006
unimportant; petty; trivial
my daily activities consist of shitless things like surfing, chatting.
by hippy2981 March 23, 2006