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A term used for someone who is mischeivous, but cute just the same.
Our young daughter was getting ready to go with us to town, and we said, "Let's go, little fart!"
Our young cat likes to stand nearby us before he jumps on the chair. My husband will say, "Hey, little fart!"
by hippie lynne June 28, 2011
An endearment towards a puppy dog, or any dog who acts like a puppy.
The service repairman came to our house and our boxer pup was right there, waiting for a pet, or a scratch behind the ears. "Pup pup! Come here, you!" Calmed our "pup pup" right down:)
by hippie lynne December 06, 2011
a "pet name" for a dog (pun somewhat intended), like how some people call their dogs "pup pup".
Come here, my lil doggins. Sweet doggins.
by hippie lynne December 02, 2011
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