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Pron. Gay Sean or Gay Seen

responsible for a song called "down" that makes "friday" sound like pure genius

so this RnB dude who sings like a girl and looks like my massi. He claims to represent sikhs and bhangra music. But he changed his sikh name to gay sean, and sings that boring overproduced old folk's home RnB stuff, doesnt have a clue what bhangra is.

Sings the crappiest form of RnB (a musical genre that also serves as a form of castration)
you know tthe kind that allways starts with, baby , I know
we been goin thru some tough times lately, but I jus wanna let you know dat, ill be dere fo you......boring talking over synths....then rapper comes in...back to boring talking over synths

basically he's some random black rapper's bitch of the month

Bhangra forever, RNB is shitttt, rap is crap

bhangraaaaaa rulllesssss bitchessssss
55 year old desi auntie: omg jay seen (jay sean) is sooo hawwwttt

me: goddamnit its gay seen!!! respect bitch

55 year old desi auntie: omg gay seen is sooooo hawwwttt

me: thats right, gay pride, now bring me your daughters
by hiphopsucks January 15, 2012

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