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1 definition by hiphopsmyreligion

Music that some "hip hop" artists produce...like those songs directed at girls or the rapper himself/herself does not show that they are good lyricist but somehow a favorite at the club, maybe its catchy and can be listened by those "white folk" that say "I like hip hop, I listen to" so and so but they have no idea about the hip hop culture. I think those artists cannot be looked as one who wins battles or is very influential. I think 50 cent and Eminem are becoming a trend but if you listen to their other tracks on their albums or mixtape sh*t they show their skills(I think Em is a very talented becuz of his "Big Daddy Kane sh_t" he makes words you wonteven condsider to rhyme and makes it work. He uses his prononciation to the fullest) not like other artists, who i think are like hip hop knock-offs. No skills...check. Known to just about everyone...check. Soft...check!
Girl 1- (at the club)hey girl, this is MY song! Lets go dance, come on.
Girl 2- NO! whatever its my song.
(the girls dont walk, they run to the dance floor and shake their little pancakes)
Such artists as Nelly,Ja rule...etc.
by hiphopsmyreligion August 01, 2005
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