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20 definitions by hiphophead293847

nicki hilton

the hotter half of the hilton sisters. she became even hotter when she dyed her hair brown.
nicky hilton is hot and not an attention whore like paris hilton
by hiphophead293847 September 01, 2009
30 8
basically, when some one dies
he went toes up
by hiphophead293847 August 14, 2009
23 2
an insanely clever song by 3oh!3. neatfreak 47 is code name for an AK47 and it goes in to great detail about how an assassin is a freak about cleanliness because he doesn't want to leave any trail. crazy clever song.
neatfreak 47, look it up.

by hiphophead293847 August 11, 2009
30 9
fuckin' genious. nuff said.
sacha baren cohen. ees nice.
by hiphophead293847 November 03, 2009
24 11
nigga, i don't give a fuck.
dude 1: i hit it last nite
dude 2: nidgaf
by hiphophead293847 September 04, 2009
17 6
an piercing on the left ear or eyebrow. in a lot of european countries, it means the guys with the piercing is gay. many gay guys have the piercing so other gay dudes will know.
guy 1: check out my new piercing it's hot
guy 2: you got it on the left ear? nigga that's a gayring
guy 1: huh?
guy 2: just don't be surprised if you got some gay dudes hitting on you bro.
by hiphophead293847 October 23, 2009
16 6
when one consumes hella too much of that god damn syrup
damn nigga you pullin a lil wayne, lay off on that sizzurp!
by hiphophead293847 September 03, 2009
127 118