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A textpot is someone who sends sexually explicit or provacative text messages or emails
Bob : Yo Jane ,wanna hook up 2nite?
Jane : 2nite I can't w8 2 69 w/you!!!
Bob : 2 good 2 b true, I'm there you textpot
Jane : c u @ 11, my place!!!
by hipczech August 13, 2007
The month after Movember when after you cut off your November mustache you are left with a great pair of sideburns. Usually more accepted by the spouse or "sigfig" ( significant figure ) in a relationship
With Movember drawing to a close Suzy was happy to see Billy sporting a rather fine pair of Decemburns rather than that nasty ass moustache he was not rockin.
by HipCzech January 13, 2013
A person who is fuckin' ugly
I had a date last night ,but the chick was "fugly" so I bailed out quick
by Hipczech August 06, 2007

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