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The most amazingly sexy and irresistable man to ever have walked the earth. Many have tried and brilliantly failed to be as smooth with women as him. A bit dirty, but just enough to get you excited, not enough to gross you out. Perfect for toe-curling sex, dream or real. That boy can do wonders with his tongue... Everyone wants a piece of that, everyone. Sometimes sarcastic, but it keeps you guessing and makes things much more fun.
Woman 1: You will never guess what kind of sex I just had!!!
Woman 2: What?
Woman 1: Ory!!!
Woman 2: I freaking hate you!

Man 1: Dude, I just heard about an Ory!
Man 2: Crap, we'll never have a chance now!

sexy beast, god, wild crazy sex, omg, sarcastic
by hip pixie February 02, 2010

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