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metaphor used in Usher and Jay-Z song "Hot Toddy" in reference to a girl. Hot Toddy is a term used for a concoction that cures colds, in this case the Hot Toddy is an upgrade for a guy; Usher: "I'm so cold, yea I need that Hot toddy... she said she wanna make me better, wanna make me better"

Jay-Z: "I was born a God, I made myself a King, which means I downgraded to a human being, you was born a Goddess I made you my Queen which means we upgraded to Louis the thirteen; Hot toddy, her body like cognac, her momma like herb tea, we burnt a couple of sacks"
guy says to his homeboy "I'm so cold, I need a Hot Toddy"
by hip hop analyzer August 25, 2010
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