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sterotyped town there are differnt kinds of people rich poor white african american hispanic...religous differences
not everyone has a gold bathroom and u CAN find houses under one million dollers
some ppl live here because the schooling is great
and if u think this is not a good definition then come to greenwich and ull see we r preppy but not everyone needs to have natukue red belts
GREENWICH IS PREPPY though but u cant say anthing about that cause were cool like that
go look up ur name or sterotype
and we dont have teapartys! everyday..
sterotype:"shes from greenwich shes a rich bitch that has a boat and 5 houses"

normal person "i live in greenwich connecticut right by the sound"
"oh that seems like it would be a nice view ur can afford it or is it expensive?"
by hinallina May 16, 2007
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