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11 definitions by hillary

when a woman lies on her stomach and recieves rear vaginal entry or flat doggystle
I was so tired from bangin doggystyle for so long that the bitch dropped down and I banged her prone position.
by Hillary November 15, 2003
33 17
Things or activities. Taken from "We did this for kicks". Has nothing to do with the action of kicking.
"Hey, how's kicks?"
"The kicks are great today."
"Good kicks, man, good kicks."
by Hillary December 27, 2004
22 13
i sat on the toilet and pieces of coal dropped from my coal chute
by hillary July 16, 2003
12 4
A play on the words placing the word "whore" in the word sorority. So-whore-ity. Considered very offensive to say to sorority members.

1. Term for the general practices of a low class sorority house.
2. Term for any member of a sorority house.
3. Term for a sorority house
1. "They're a sowhority, fucking everyone is part of the hazing."
2. "She's a sowhority sister."
3. "With all the sluts in there, it's a sowhority house, not a sorority house."
by Hillary December 27, 2004
13 6
A relationship that looks good on the outside and seems real but falls apart after a lot of time.

From: Sex and the City
I love Trey, but our relationship is a fake fendi.
by Hillary April 23, 2004
15 8
nymphamaniac-you like sex so much that you are a fiend about it... yes yess sexxxx!
nymphamaniac-you like sex so much that you are a fiend about it... yes yess sexxx!
by hillary September 12, 2004
99 93
a word acting as any part of speech; anytime, anywhere. preferably an expletive, however.
seoriumbser! i failed another physics test!
by hillary January 31, 2004
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