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i-tard: A person blindly following advertisements, commonly called a hipster, tends to shop at target over walmart, believes mac products are superior to any PC product, and mainly uses said mac computer to update facebook and twitter accounts.

i-tard "experts" are people that consistently use an apple product to run computing intensive programs. To do this, they justify a multi-thousand dollar mac, and proceed to download Windows in order to run real-life and relevant programs.

i-tard "trolls" are mac junkies. This flavor of i-tard does not stop thinking (or typing) about their apple product, to the extent that they will consistently post on blogs, or online forums. This is one of the most useful things a mac can do. I-tard trolls are online bullies, and they will let you know that PC's are for republicans.

(v) example: That i-tard sure loves to hang out in Starbucks while trolling around the PC online help forums.

i-tard "justified". A person using a mac solely for the purpose of picture and or video editing, and nothing else. These people generally own a business, and purchase a PC to run the accounting, and other real-world software.
That i-tard sure loves drinking his Starbucks while shopping at Target for skinny jeans.
by highballxs December 25, 2012
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