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A homosexual who is also a celiac.
"Look at that homosexual over there, i bet he can't digest gluten" "I could describe him/her as a homo-celiac"
by hiffl-kajiffl May 14, 2012
1. Refers to the act of female masturbation.
2. Refers to fingering a female
"She told me she dotted herself last night while thinking of me" or "dude your mother is in the other room totally dotting herself over me right now" or "i've really been loving porn where the bitches dot themselves" or in it's second meaning "i totally dotted this bitch on the weekend"
by hiffl-kajiffl November 06, 2011
Garry means the same as groundwork. Usually associated with picking up women.
"Mate i'm just going to lay some serious Garry now and pick her up next week"
by hiffl-kajiffl October 20, 2011
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