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Sounding like the word doughnut. It relates to doughnut because it relates the a girls ass that big and seems to be something you can sink your teeth in. It relates to how voluptuous and how round it is, just like a doughnut.
Dude 1: holy shit! that chick gotta doughbutt. i could eat that all night

Dude 2: i did.
#ass #big #butt #voluptuous #chick #round
by hidfrommyself June 17, 2009
Used to term people that are "loose with the body", party alot, or seem like they are losse. Mainly, in the south close to the gulf, or live far from the city, down the bayou.
dude 1: Damn, she seems like shes from down the bayou.

dude 2: Yea, dude she is. Saw her up in Bourg last week. She gave head to like 3 guys.
#down #bayou #loose #body #south #slut #whore #skank #party #head
by hidfrommyself April 19, 2009
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