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The crass and unexpected things that little miss marie todd does and say to pickle, amuse and offend me all at once.
Madge: hows's about i get a sex change and you can suck my dick?!

Me: What?! (as i roll over in hysterics on the floor) there she goes with her madgeism's again.
by hi11m4n August 03, 2010
When your cock starts to bleed due to a very toothy blowjob (usually performed by amateurs) or if you should ever happen to somehow cut your cock (ouch) it can be referred to as cheese bleeding. Also it can be used as a code to keep said cheese-bleeding a secret, usually from girls. Funny that. hmmmm.
Guy 1: oh my word, im in so much pain after that cheese-bleeding contest the mrs decided to have last night.

Guy 2: too much info dude!!

Guy 1's Mrs: wtf is a cheese bleed? I only remember going down on you last night and watching a film.

Guy 1: its nothing love, good blow job by the way

Guy 2: Hahahahaha
by hi11m4n August 04, 2010
When your girlfriend or sexual partner allows you to think she's just swallowed your cumjizzm's and very craftily slips a little bit in your mouth next time you kiss.
Guy 1:The mrs went down on me until i came last night and i loved it!

Guy 2: Sounds awesome

Guy 1: it does right? until she slipped me the incognito snowball and needless to say she's not my mrs anymore because that's just plain nasy dude.

Guy 2: Whats her number?
by hi11m4n August 03, 2010
term used to describe facebook stalkers. You know the ones, they add only girls and always have posts saying 'do i know you?' and then randomly try and strike up conversations with them in the hopes of finding someone mentally depressed enough to go out with them. Where they usually proceed to hide in the bushes and lick their windows late at night because although they like to seem like players they're really just sad lonely pathetic people with no lives.
Man falls off a building.

everone: good he was a falker!
by hi11m4n August 03, 2010
The many different ways a man can climax sexually. Or alternatively, the funny as fuck sex faces a male or female pulls during sex.
Guy 1: You should have seen this girl, she made me have five types of jizzm's all at once

Guy 2: Please stop telling me these things, i don't care about your fucked up sex life.
by hi11m4n August 03, 2010
Having a wank whilst crying or to break down during said wank and start crying.

Pronunciation: crr-ang-c
Man 1: Had a wank while the mrs was watching titanic the other day

Man 2: did you start cranking at the end of it?

Man 1: Of course not, im not a girl

The mrs: theres no need to lie love. and don't worry, i found it endearing. its like i told you before, boys don't cry, men do

Man 2: hahahahahahahahaha!

Man 1: fuck off!

Man two continues laughing untill he pisses himself. Then man one starts laughing.........
by hi11m4n August 22, 2010

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