50 definitions by hi

When u wrap your lips around someones ass hole and the person farts...leaving a weird yet satisfying taste in your mouth.
last night jenny gave me a deliciass
by hi May 15, 2003
An animal that will evolve and soon fly, and also the typical person that eats a lot, male, someone that doesnt shower, someone that stinks, and animal mostly male humans though, and someone without a life.
Pigs will soon fly!!! SO SHUT UP!!
by hi April 09, 2003
Annoying teeny bopper.
stfu monkeyexpress..
stop spamming the mic monkeyexpress
by Hi April 02, 2003
a number after 10
hey man! wut time is it... "about lem somethin" ya knoe!
by hi January 21, 2003
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