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an awesome sport

by hi May 21, 2003
A black woman's cooter.
Lil kim has a loose purple pussy
by hi April 12, 2005
someone or something who wants another someone or something to see his point or what he is trying to show
yo man! check it. why dont we go get some hoes?
by hi January 21, 2003
To cut or dis Making fun of someone or yelling insults at them. Used everywhere including New England
I'm mad you rankin' on Ashley cuz she coo
by Hi December 22, 2004
what you do with your eyes.
i blink in your general direction.
by hi October 18, 2004
Carmen Electra is prolly the sexiest women ever. The combination of Native American & Caucasian gave her that stunning face which looks like a work of art, of course her body is nice too.
la la la la la la laaaa laaaaa laa laaa
by hi April 15, 2005
Defecation; a bowel movement.
I gotta go drop a fat shannon.
by hi February 04, 2004

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