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Probably the worst series of books,
that later turned into one of the worst movie, ever created.
The story revolves around the protagonist Bella Swan, who is the average every day MaryJane new girl in town, with not-so-special looks, and personality.
But dispite all of that, the most inhumanely gorgeous boy, Edward Cullen, catches interest in her. That is just one of the many cliches displayed in this book.
Another being that he is a vampire who thirsts the most for Bella's blood, yet ironically loves her.
Woah, no one saw any of this coming. I could hardly stomache reading it. Every other sentance is describing Edward's perfect face, and body, and whatever, which leads me to believe Stephenie Meyer has some severe issues living in a sad fantasy to escape the reality she didn't marry someone like that.
Though I did not read the last one, I was told Edward and Bella have sex and produce some kind of mutant half vampire half human offspring. Which furthers Stephenie's perversions. It's a teen book for god's sake, keep that shit to yourself.
The fact that the book is about an average everyday girl like most of us, who finds the perfect boy is the perfect ploy to bring in naive lonely tween girls to purchase this horrible cliche book.
Though dispite how truely awful, and lacking in any literary devices it is, it was turned into a movie. Which proved that the movie industry has gone to shit.
The acting was nothing special, and the scenes moved so fast it seemed unreal. One scene they hate eachother, and the next they're in love. And it is not real love, it is based on shallow, looks-based feelings. But, it was a movie about Twilight, so I expected as much.
For some reason, girls, housewives, and even some boys seem to be obsessed with the book and the sweet things Edward says.
I think people need to get across that it is a BOOK. Therefore Edward will say the right things at the right time. And for that matter, Edward is a figment of Stephenie Meyer's mind. So anything he says is what SHE has made up. If you are "so so so in love with Edward" Then you really feel so about the author.
Fuck this book, and fuck everyone who loves it so much.
Twilight is the epitomey of shit.
by hheartbreak January 31, 2009
The main character in the new Disney Channel television show Wizards of Waverly Place. Though I like the show, I don't get why she plays such an unlikeable character. Her character is rude, gets in trouble, is a slacker, and really doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself.
I just don't seem to understand, aren't main characters supposed to have at least one redeeming quality?
I'm not trying to bash Selena or the show, I just don't completely agree with how her character is.
Selena Gomez is talented but her character Alex Russo is a sociopathic jerk.
by hheartbreak February 01, 2009

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