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An absolutely awesome person whom everybody loves. Is intelligent, pretty, and funny. She also tends to enjoy making random videos. She is one of those people who is into rock music and also some pop and alternative. She hates romantic movies and all of that lovey dovey stuff. If you ever meet a Nadya, better to take her to a comedy or an action/adventure movie. An incredibly great and cool person all around.
Person 1: Wow, Nadya is just so cool!
Person 2: I know, I wish I could be like her.
by Heyya January 04, 2014
ntmy: nice to meet you
at the end of a conversation through texting or online of people who just met eachother
person 1: ok well ill be going now, ntmy
person 2: nice to meet u too.
by heyya April 09, 2007

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