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A small rich, suburban town in Morris County New Jersey. Basically filled with hundreds of white kids that don't know how to spend their parents money...so they buy stupid shit like big ass sun glasses, and every garment for either Hollister, or Abercrombie possible. If they don't spend their money on these things it will most likely be spent on weed, or liquor. The band is awesome and the choir is even better,despite how good that band is people still deny being a peart of it.
"I went to Roxbury to see that movie."

"I went to the Roxbury diner after the dance."

"I went to the white castle in Roxbury."

"I went bowling a circle lanes in Roxbury."

"Wow she's such a stupid whore, she must be from Roxbury."
by heyma March 22, 2006
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