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WEB PEOPLE, a simplification for purposes of faster coginitive Blogging (such as weblog), commentary, just the next evolutionary step in interweb publications.
So I wanted to start getting interactive with WEOPLE that have been visiting my blog as of late, but it just doesnt seem to be working out.
by heyitsyou.wordpress.com April 05, 2009
The act of going on the interweb and Trolling Blog after Blog after blog in search of witty candor and extensive knowledge.
I went to this wedding that had me bored out of my mind, good thing there was Wifi to help with my trologging past the time
by heyitsyou.wordpress.com March 29, 2009
sagalog is similar to a blog, but on EPIC TSUNAMI size proportion.

can also refer to an Epic Blog post.

sagalogging - the act of writing an epic BLOG/BLOG POST
He began his compositional journey at the crest of the moon's light and by first cock-a-doodle doo, he had created his SAGALOG, for all the weople to browse upon.
by heyitsyou.wordpress.com April 05, 2009

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