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A person in high school enrolled in the maximum number of Honors and/or Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Most are concerned about their grades and have hopes of attending a "good" college. Generally, these students understand the art of BSing everything - essays the night before, homework either copied from a friend in the hall or done in the class before its due, etc. - and still maintain great grades. Contrary to popular belief, many Honors students are down-to-earth, procrastinate like its their job, and are involved in school acitivities. Of course, you'll always have those few whose only friends are the AP Calculus textbook and #2 pencil.
Honors Student 1: I need the AP Calculus homework that's due today! I had a soccer game last night till 8 and then didn't feel like doing anything so I fell asleep.

Honors Student 2: No problem, I need AP Chemistry though, I only could finish half of it this morning.

Honors Student 1: Yeah, that's fine.
by heyheyheyyy August 16, 2009

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