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Stands for Bavarian Motor Works. Quite possibly the best auto manufacturer. BMW combines luxury, performance,and prestige to create what is well known as "the ultimate driving machine". These high end cars are often driven by affluent, upper-crust americans who appreciate fine quality and workmanship.
He sped out of the parking lot in his BMW coupe and made a lasting impression on the witnesses.
by hey it's pat December 02, 2007
The most luxurious, delicious blended drink on the planet. Frappuccinos are basically Starbuck's version of the Big Mac. Although they are very fattening, they're delicious!
The young, preppy college students from BC all went down the street to get a frappuccino on the hot, summer day.
by hey it's pat December 02, 2007
Contary to what most people are posting on here, most amercians LOVE McDonald's. Everyone seems to think they're cool by saying McDonald's is "shit" and what not. But guess what? There's a reason why McDonalds has expanded to over 30,000 locations worldwide. So all you fake idiots that are dissing this multi BILLION dollar corporation should think twice because you know you like it!
McDonalds is the most popular fast food chain in the world!
by hey it's pat December 02, 2007
-A derogatory term used to describe someone with a mental disability.

-An insultive word that can be used towards someone who is NOT mentally handicapped.
Guy1: I completely PWNED that kid in xbox live today!
Guy2: LOLZZZZ what a retard!
by hey it's pat December 02, 2007
The most prestigious, renowned university in the country. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard is agruably the best ivy-league school in the US.
You won't get accepted into Harvard if your grades aren't up to par!
by hey it's pat December 02, 2007
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