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The grading scale for an Asian student is typically different from that of the average American student.

When you're a normal American:

A: Stands for "AWESOME" you're doing great.

B: Above average, you're still doing good

C: Average.. you could be doing better, but you're slacking

D: Below average, you're slipping, but you can still make it up is you try

F: Well, you just failed, didn't you. No need to really explain that.


Now, when you're ASIAN, it's A LOT different. "A" no longer stands for "awesome" anymore.

A : stands for "average" - anything below that is pretty unacceptable to your parents.

B : stands for "bad" - you're already at a below average cause all the other Asians and getting A's!

C : stands for "crap" - you're doing terrible and your parents will be pissed. They'll probably spank you or ground you, and you'll be sent to your room without dinner that night. If you DO have dinner that night, the topic to be discussed at the table is how disappointed everyone everyone is with you. This will be followed by comparisons to you and your successful siblings, cousins or fellow Asian students. That's right, your parents know every other Asian kid in your school even if you aren't friends with them. That's because your parents are friends with theirs and their parents like to brag. Bastards.

D : stands for "death" - your parents will threaten to kill you. They will not hesitate to beat the crap outta you, and when they're tired, they'll send you to your room, but once they've regained their energy they'll go into your and continue to yell and insult you. They'll take away your things (laptop, games mp3, phone, ect.) and even if pull up your grades by the next semester, you won't get them back until the semester after that. Oh yeah, you will be labeled as an embarrassment.

F : stands for "FUCKED!" Not ONLY will your parents beat the shit outta you, they'll probably make a call to your relatives in (china, korea, philippines, etc, where ever they're from) and start looking for plane tickets online. That's right, you will be sent out of the country cause your parents can't even stand to look at you anymore.

i got terrible grades and actually did fail a couple classes, but luckily i never got sent away T_T.
Asian: shit, my grades suck this semester
Friend: what are you talking about? You got A's, B's, and a C.
Asian: yeah, but on the asian grading scale that means I'll get about 2 and a half beatings and I probably won't be able to see daylight on the weekends...
by hey girl, hey October 13, 2008

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