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"Kawai" in actuality, is not a Japanese word at all. It is usually a misspelling of one of the following:
1. "Kawaii" which means "cute" in Japanese;
2. "Kowai" which means "scary" in Japanese;
3. "I'm a crazy fangirl who does not care look into the actual Japanese language."

Sou da ne?
CrZFnnGrrl27: kawai desu ne?
nHongoD3kiRu: sore wa dou yuu imi desu ka?
CrZFnnGrrl27: ? :P
CrZFnnGrrl27: i dont actually know japanese.
nHongoD3kiru: i can tell.
by heterosexualrainbow April 16, 2009
Literally, "I would like to borrow a cat's paw." It means that one is extremely busy; so much so that they would appreciate the help of a cat.
Ichi: Neko no te mo karitai!
Ni: Ashite e watashi ga neko wo motarashimasu!
Ichi: Baka da yo!
Ni: Joudan deshita!
Ichi: Kimi ga joudan desu!
Ni: Ite...

One: I'm uber-busy!
Two: Tomorrow I'll bring a cat!
One: You're really an idiot.
Two: It was joke!
One: You're a joke.
Ni: Ouch...
by heterosexualrainbow April 04, 2009
a hybrid of spectacular, fabulous, and orgasmic; the most bisexual word in the English language. (It's also up there in Turkish.)
Person 1: I just accidentally bedazzled my eye!
Person 2: That's spectagulous!
Person 1: Are you bi?
Person 2: Are you interested?
Person 1: ...
by heterosexualrainbow March 20, 2009
legitimate; cool; swell
Taken from "legit" and "shiznit",
"Legit" being an abbreviation of "legitimate" (meaning genuine) and "shiznit" being a modified version of "shit" (usually with a positive connotation.)
Guy 1: (plays A natural)
Guy 2: Is that a legit a natural?
Guy 1: Yeah, it's legiznit! It's legiznit to the hizzle!
Guy 2: ... I don't think that you believe that those are actual words.
by heterosexualrainbow March 30, 2010
having a high density of African Americans.
Invented by sociologists who felt particularly uncomfortable in the ghetto but were simultaneously worried about maintaining a polite, scientifically detached demeanor.
This place is totally afro-saturated. If we don't get out of here by nightfall, we're not going to be able to see anyone.

In "da hood," a highly afro-saturated area, an independent culture has developed with its own dialect, art forms, and HOLY SHIT THOSE GUYS HAVE GUNS GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE

Some whites, because they are silly, find the idea of their community becoming afro-saturated terrifying, when, in reality, it would only make things a lot more funky.
by heterosexualrainbow July 12, 2011
short for "FaceBook OFFicial"; developed during a project to create high-speed rhymes for cybernetic rapping.
Girl 1: He's yo' bofo? Is it fobo offo?
Girl 2: Fo sho!
Girl 3: (gasp) You ho!
Girl 1: Mofo!
Oboist: Did somebody say oboe?
Girls: HELL NO!
by heterosexualrainbow January 05, 2011

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