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1 definition by heteroflex

The "buddy" or "friend" that your boyfriend or husband spends too much time with. A budfriend is the most discreet level of male-to-male relationship that exists between two straight or bi-curious men. Common activities between two budfriends include "grabbing a beer," "watching a game," and "fishing and hunting." A guy who experimented with M2M sexual contact in high school or college is more likely to have a budfriend later in life, especially after his female partner becomes overweight and extremely unattractive. When there is a budfriend in a guy’s life, sexual contact with the wife or girlfriend declines steadily, although his interest in anal play may suddenly arise. Budfriendship is always kept in the DL.
Desperate housewife’s gay friend: Is your hubby on steroids? He’s getting big!
Desperate housewife: Nah…, Kevin’s just spending too much time at the gym with his workout buddy Nick.
Desperate housewife’s gay friend: Hmmm… How often do they go?
Desperate housewife #2: Everyday for two hours. The gym has a sauna, so they love it.
Desperate housewife’s gay friend: Oh, girl. Has Kevin become interested in anal play lately?
Desperate housewife #2: Oh my Gosh, yes! How do you know?
Desperate housewife’s gay friend: I just have a feeling Kevin and Nick are budfriends… You ever watched Brokeback Mountain?
by heteroflex November 25, 2012