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a tall, gay guy
Look at that retarded roofin.
by Hershey September 12, 2003
The Beatles meet The Vikings
60's Pop rock music mixed with special sound effects and lyrics that are not understandable. Band members include Kindof Palking Ivonna Issue Static Bob Weaddababeeitsabob and Yiou.
Because of their experiments, The Beakings have a very distinguished band sound.
by Hershey July 26, 2004
Palking is one of the two lead singers of The Beakings. He was also the founder of that band.
Yiou was a singer in the local zoo,
Palking is the singer in a band.
Yiou says to Palking,"can I join you too?"
And Plaking says "oh yes for sure you can"
by hershey August 26, 2004
i saw a sign once and it said 'bethesda' and i didnt know how to pronounce it, and i thought it said be the sda. so i came up with the meaning of sda, and it means super duper asshole.
That crazy driver over there is a SDA!
by Hershey September 07, 2004

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